Personally tailored to help grow your business

A website should be a living, breathing entity that evolves with your users. It needs to both increase positive overall store awareness and drive new business by consistently leveraging analytics data to improve conversion rates on ad dollars spent. I pride myself on providing buyers with honest opinions and insight into how to use their websites to take their store goals to the next level. Whether I am improving an existing site, launching a new website from scratch, I'm dedicated to producing the web store you need, not just the site you want.
• Full e-commerce web design and development
• Full mobile, tablet platform enabled website
• Full menu as per your specifications(Mega Menu if warranted included in design)
• Set up of google analytics on your e-commerce website
• Set up of Facebook tracking module for dynamic ads in the future
• Setting up of shipping modules
• Setting up of merchant account and PayPal payment module
• Setting up of up to 5 staff
• Setting up of coming soon page with a subscribe now feature
• Setting up of Contact, Returns & Exchanges & Track your order pages
• Setting up notifications for purchases, cancelations, etc.
• Setting up of gift cards and apple pay system(I will design your apple pay card logos and banners)
• Installation of the following sales channels
a) POS (In-store platform, you must provide the hardware from Shopify)
b) Facebook(Full RSS Feed)
c) Instagram(Full RSS feed)
d) eBay(Channel only)
d) Amazon(Channel only)
e) Messenger(Channel only)
• We will design a new website font logo for your shop(will explain via phone)
• We will design a new favicon for your online store
• We will design a new social share logo for your online store


Tailored to keep your customers shopping at your store

An impactful customer engagement campaign is more than just delivered content: it’s communicating your message and making customers want to shop at your website.
I work with you so you can understand what exactly is customer retention and how it keeps your visitors shopping at your store.
• IP address extractor, so you can advertise dynamic ads in the future, this will generate new automatic sales
• Email extractor, this will collect email and auto send out welcome emails in a drip format
• Receipt up-sells, we will program your receipts to include other product recommendations, this will generate new automatic sales
• Receipt discount code drip, this will generate new automatic sales
• discount code trackers, we will design an email drip all codes given, this will generate new automatic sales
• Abandoned cart engagement. This will generate new automatic sales


You provide the products, I deliver the customer traffic.
The world is connected through keyboards and touch screens. I simply connect the dots, I present your store to the customer, I bring you the traffic through direct advertising on most social channels. I bring 9 years of social advertising experience. If you think, that boosting an ad is advertising, you are wasting your money.
• You choose your daily budget
• I create the ads
• I make the business grow
• I will take your daily budget and maximize return sales
• My goal is to have you selling $100k - $150k per month within a year

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