E-Commerce Website Design Package

Tailored to keep your customers engaged with your website.
An impactful customer engagement campaign is more than just delivered content: it’s communicating your message and making customers want to shop at your website. 
We work with you so you can understand what exactly is customer retention and how it keeps your visitors shopping at your store.
Our E-Commerce Website Design Package includes:
• Full Informational or e-commerce web design & development
• Fully mobile and table ready enabled website
• Shipping and package modules set up if needed
• Merchant account and paypal modules set up
• Staff account set up
• About us, privacy policy, terms of usage, terms of conditions, contact us, return & exchanges, returns & exchanges, returns policy, tracking order pages.
• Notifications set up for order, shipping and cancelations automations.
• Installation of the following sales channels: Facebook, Instagram, POS if needed
• New Favicon if customer needs one
• New social media share logo

Informational Website Design Package

Tailored to extract your visitor from your website when visiting, thus funneling him into a call to you or to leave us an email or cell so that you may contact him back.
We design a website just to give you that google online presence that you desire. We give the visitor just enough information, leaving him room where he needs to reach out to ask for more information from you. 
Our Informational Website Design Package includes:
• Full Informational web design & development.
• Fully mobile and table ready enabled website.
• Full menu as per your specifications.
• Setting up of staff accounts.
• Setting up of about us, privacy policy, terms of usage, terms of conditions, contact us pages.
• Setting up of all notifications for any automations that may be needed.
• Setting up and hosting any forms and all automations to submit and respond.
• Setting up of QR for website or any link to any page on your your website.
• We will re-design a new logo layout for your website.
• We will re-design a new favicon for your website.
• We will if needed re-design a new social share logo for your website.


 Retention Design Package

Machine Learning (ML) refers to the concept that computer programs can automatically learn from and adapt to new live data being created by your customer while they surf your website. We can harness that data collected and trigger workflows & automations that have the best chance of achieving your sales goals.
Email & cell extractors will be integrated and used to trigger the following workflows:
• Welcome
• Order confirmation
• Shipping confirmation
• Value based high/low abandoned cart flow
• Social media intros, now including Discord service
• Customer thank you single or multiple contact flows
• Customer 60 or 90 win back flow
• 6 month or 1 year anniversary
• Browse abandonment workflow
• Optional Referral program, fraud insurance, shipping insurance & Sezzle payments

Application Design Package 

• Install & integrate app platform to synchronize with website
• Apply for Apple Developer account
• Apply for Google Developer account
• Create App logo
• Create App Icon
• Create App loading screen
• Create on app abandoned cart workflow
• Create first purchase workflow on app
• Create Mini site with logo and app download links for Both stores
• Resize all images for app optimization

Business Design Package

• Create Meta Business Manager.
• Create Meta Fan Page.
• Create users and ad them with correct permissions to the account.
• Create agencies and ad them with correct permissions to the account.

 • Connect Meta fan page, assign users with correct permissions to the account.

• Create a new ad account and link to all necessary channels with permissions on the account.

• Integrate existing Instagram and facebook channels with proper brand guide rules

• Commerce group set up and set up connection to website.

• Whatsapp business console set up and connection to website and catalog.

• Create live catalog RSS feed to sync with products or services for advertising purposes.

• Set up of both online and offline recorders.

• Set up domain or domains for verifications by Facebook console.




You provide the products or services, we will deliver the customer traffic.
The world is connected through keyboards and touch screens. We simply connect the dots, and present your website to the customer, we  bring you the traffic through direct advertising on most social channels and follow the client after socials for a better on web retargeting experience. We bring 13 years of social and web advertising experience. If you think, that boosting an ad is advertising, you are wasting your money.
• You choose your daily budget.
• We create the ads.
• We make the business grow.
• WeI will take your daily budget and maximize return sales.
• Our goal is to achieve our objectives by all means necessary to increase your bottom line.
• We have an advertising package for all types of businesses